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All is not Lost
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Just because you've lost at trial doesn't mean that all is lost. You have a right to appeal. You may have opportunities for other forms of post-conviction relief, no matter how long ago you lost at trial. The Law Office of Ruth Greenberg is a practice focused entirely on appeals and post-conviction relief. I can represent you on direct appeal. I can represent you on other forms of relief if you've already lost on appeal. I am also available to help the lawyer you already have.

I am a graduate of the University of Chicago and the University of California at Berkeley. I have been practicing criminal law since 1985. You can see my work at Comm v. DePace, 433 Mass. 379 (2001) and at Comm v. LaPage, 435 Mass. 480 (2001). I teach forensic neuroscience at Boston University School of Medicine and I have a particular interest in cases where psychiatric evidence is important, but I handle every kind of appeal. You can see Comm v. Koney, 421 Mass. 295 (1995) and Comm v. Seymour, 39 Mass. App. Ct. 672  (1996) as samples of my work on OUI, and Comm v. Senbatu, 38 Mass. App. Ct. 904 (1995) as a sample of a drug case. You can find these cases on I can't always win but I always do my best. I do every case myself. I accept collect calls.

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